Radio Automation Software

The automation software Digital RM, considered one of the most advanced, reliable and important automation systems, existing on the market, having contributed significantly to the increase of quality and professionalism, in the operation of radio stations worldwide.

All systems aim to provide their users with solutions capable of, at the same time, increasing productivity and improving the quality of their emissions, giving them an increasingly professional character and less prone to failures, in addition to the concern to provide the reduction of costs, both in terms of emissions and production, creating added value and greater profitability for broadcasting companies, since they allow their complete automation.

The software is able to concentrate, in itself, all the tools necessary for the good performance of a radio station, geared to the demands of today. Among many advantages, we highlight the recording and playback of MP3 files.


A powerful statistical tool was introduced with a rigorous diagnosis of the musical genres broadcast.

The indication of the percentage of Portuguese music is essential to comply with the new Radio Law that requires the emission of more than 25% of Portuguese music. You have all the information you need to comply with the law.

The XML module sends you daily and automatically the XML files that correspond to the format that ERC intends for the verification process of the Radio Law, carried out by this same entity.

Another important aspect of the system is integration with the Internet. The SQL Database makes available the data of the files that are being and that will be reproduced. Thus, on the radio website, the information can be displayed together with the broadcast.

It has also become possible to carry out all operations over the Internet, as if in a studio. Even from a mobile terminal, it is now easy and intuitive to generate alignments, consult logs, record takes or even make schedules.

The insertion of audio in the system is done automatically with detection, in a fraction of a second, of all the necessary times as start, mix and end.

At Digital RM, it now has an automatic data and audio replication system. When having two computers in a network, the database is automatically replicated between these two stations, making it possible to transmit from anyone at any time.

The system uses data engines "free" is a reality with SQL Express.

At Digital RM, security is also a priority and as such, a specific control of permissions has been developed for each user of the system in which the Administrator determines who can do what in each module. As an example, a particular announcer may have permissions to access only the discography and introduce new music, but not be able to delete it. The same applies to all modules

Meet the Digital RM! Ask for a demonstration without any commitment.

When you choose this system, it will be delivered to you, with the incorporation of all its respective modules including the continuous recording LOG, thus becoming the perfect tool for your radio!

Download the system brochure here


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